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World Cup 2011 Result

Stéphane Oberlé aka 67steph67 took the crown for France in this years Freestyle Nunchaku World Cup with his video E-Motion:


You can see more from Stéphane here:

World Cup 2011

it so happened, the world cup 2011 is a success..

still, our time is getting busy and busier, will update this page when I'm not busy (definitely not a year), please hold on

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CO 2010: "Champions of Chuck Off 2010"

Congratulations to everyone that participated in the Chuck Off 2010!

Click this post's title for the detailed champions of each level.

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CO 2010: "Placement Round"

Time to vote for Placement round (Round 1)

Check entries here:

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Teams Tournament Zero: The Beginning

2 person team battles! a birth tournament before the official - "Teams Tournament I"
Frozen by boredom, its your teamwork to unleash the melting-point of its core title!

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Official Announcement: World Cup 2010


Precision Strikes
Woodall´s Custom Workshop


The FNWC is an online video tournament, organized by the Freechaku Federation through

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The Mighty Endurance Freestyle Competition

The Mighty Endurance Freestyle Competition

Game Rules:

- A continuous freestyle WITH NO DROPS
- Videos between 4:30 minutes and 5:30 minutes
- The video can have titles, but inside the limit time
- Video must be one continuous shot from beginning to end, with no editing or altering of any kind.
  In case of a suspicious of editing the speed of the video, we will ask to change the video...
  this will be at the discretion of the organizers.
- You can add music
- The video must be put as reply of the Promo video to be able to participate...
   if it's not, it will be dismissed.
- In each stage you will be able to change your video, for that, there will be a day between each stage so you can send the new videos if you want


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Limited Edition FNF T-Shirt Raffle

We have three shirts, designed and hand screen-printed by Heru418. These shirts will be up for raffle to the nunchaku community.

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Friday Night Freestyle

We are beginning Friday Night Freestyle on August 7th, with a the battle roster to be announced.

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CO 2009: "Placement Round"

CHUCK - OFF 2009 Round 1 | "Placement Round"

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Chuck-Off 2009

CHUCK - OFF 2009 an international home-based freestyle nunchaku video tournament
Sponsors: Woodall´s Custom Workshop | Karate Depot | Precision Strikes

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